I am so fat!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, not that anyone reads my blog posts but hey ho…so yeahh like the title says, I feel totally fat! Argh so I’ve started this more healthy eating approach to life…I haven’t quite started exercising yet but that will come when I have more time! So yeahh I’ve been putting on so much weight it’s not even a joke…like I just feel so unattractive…tbhh I feel like the Khloe Kardashian of my friends…like I feel I’m the big one who people don’t see a very attractive…but Khloe really is beautiful and she’s lost all that weight…so maybe I should embrace that and work towards a goal like she did…like I have really nice curves )  ( << bit like that but my belly looks like tis (  ) which totally contradicts my curves but it makes sense to me and that’s enough I guess…anyways that’s all really gonna post about Ray later on…he’s confused my life so much it’s not fair!


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