I’m So Slow On The Uptake…I Think

So basically I think I’m the slowest person in the world! I swear like something is wrong with me! Like today couple of people came over to my house and we baked cupcakes, and they tasted pretty decent…and today some boy tried chat to me on Whatsapp and I was like “fuck sake” but anyways I checked Ray’s Whatsapp and I was on his pic and like I was gonna be like “oooo it’s meee’ but I felt proper weird so I didn’t and now it’s changed to some picture of some girl with a really nice bum in frilly underwear doing up the buttons of some guy. *sigh* she’s light skin and proper skinny with some nice body and bum…ahh I wish I had a nice body and I nice bum… 😦 and now I feel as though I don’t have any reason to talk to him…a part of me thinks that there may be feelings for me on his part but who am I kidding…ha ha ha! ahh I don’t know why I do this to myself…anyways I’m gonna go do some butt workout and then wash the dishes yaaaay!

I’ll keep you up to date with my bum toning…I want a better bum!!!!


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