Better Mood

So today I’ve been in a much better mood, I kinda had time to think about it all the things that were plaguing me. Like how Ray actually made an effort to speak to me cos like one time he told me how he was talking to some girl and he forget to reply and just didn’t reply but he made the effort to reply to me even if it was two days later. So I guess I really owe him an apology and I’ll give it to him when he replies to my last message…if he ever replies know him he’s out doing god knows what.

I also sorted things out with Jason kinda…so things are good in the male department.

But I’m trying to lose weight and it is not going well…it’s so gross I have bulge in areas that people shouldn’t have it’s sickening…the weigh it basically my belly, I hate it so much!!! I want to be like 10stone but I’m like 11stone apparently according to my last weight check…I weighed like 12 stone! WTF 12STONE!! That’s OVERWEIGHT!!!!!!!! WHY ME?!?! Ahh well haven’t got much to say so cya I guess.


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