So Erm…

So I decided to write a blog, cos I was inspired by a book called, How To Keep A Boy As A Pet, I guess I kinda relate to the main character in the book, Circe, cos like I have some real self confidence issues too, but that’s for another blog post I guess. It’s like 2:24am and I’m sitting here typing away like people in my house sleep…so loserish. This blog will probably be my way to express myself openly, other than my diary, but sometime I get a bit bored of that and so a new medium was needed…hello mister blog! I doubt anyone will read this but I’ll add a few tags just to make myself feel better. I think that’s all I have to say tbhh until tomorrow that’s when all my moaning and shit will really take place..this is just a random intro. Goodnight/morning world


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