I’m A Big Fat Liar

I swear something is so wrong with me, I’m a liar, l didn’t mean to lie but it jus totally happened like word vomit, but with my fingers. So basically like a couple days ago I made a status, about making a mistake over and over again…and yes the mistake was about some guy, and then he asked me if it was about him and my heart just spasmed!! Like if I told him it was about him then that would mean I would have to explain why and it could fudge up our friendship which would not be good I guess. So I of course said it wasn’t which it not a good thing cos now like I’m never gonna get closure and I’m never gonna move on. I’m forever in denial about my life. Why can’t I just be honest and brave like a normal person instead of some cowardly mouse!!! Ah anyways off to do some revision…well have breakfast/brunch first then do some revision… 🙂


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